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Sneaker Freaker STAY TUNED Nike TN Book - Tide Cover (AUS)

Sneaker Freaker STAY TUNED Nike TN Book - Tide Cover (AUS)

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Sneaker Freaker are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the notorious Air Max Plus with the release of STAY TUNED! This 300-page journey catalogues the remarkable history of Nike’s perennial TN and Tuned technology, and it will be touching down at your local Foot Locker very soon.

Within the pages of this epic tome, you’ll witness an interview with Nike designer and TN creator Sean McDowell, plus a look at TN-obsessed collector vaults and epic artworks whipped up by talented creatives. STAY TUNED is currently being primed for release in Australia and New Zealand, who will be blessed with the treacherous ‘Tide’ cover. The featured N-Tay originally washed ashore as an Australian-exclusive colourway in 2015 and channels the same Florida beaches that inspired Sean McDowell’s iconic design.

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